Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet

By Charlie Moore-Pabst, Deputy Public Information Officer


CYFD has worked with DOH to develop a fact sheet that is meant to be distributed to our clients, partners—anyone you work with who needs information specific to the coronavirus outbreak as it directly relates to New Mexico. This information and more is also available at

Please feel free to share this fact sheet with anyone that might make use of it, make copies of this document and place in common areas (waiting rooms, break rooms, etc.) and anywhere else you feel may be appropriate.

Updates to this fact sheet will be distributed on an as-needed basis. The department is working with DOH to review the latest information every morning and we have a framework for more frequent updates should they become necessary.

If you have any specific questions that are not answered on the fact sheet or at, please reach out to Charlie Moore-Pabst at directly.


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