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Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) embrace the Cambiar model. Cambiar switches the focus from confinement and punishment to rehabilitation and regionalization. Clients are still held accountable for their choices. JJS employees, programs, and services support clients’ rehabilitation as they prepare for a healthy adulthood. JJS protects clients and provides for public safety. Major initiatives include:

  • Smaller, regional facilities statewide;
  • Smaller, safer, nurturing living units (therapeutic communities/milieus);
  • Client-centric unit management;
  • Individualized treatment plans based on strengths, needs, and goals;
  • Employee training that includes de-escalation, therapeutic, security protocol, and group management skills;
  • Robust programming and services for clients, including health care, behavioral health therapy, education and vocational training, culturally sensitive programming, religious services, artistic expression outlets, and physical recreation and movement.

For more information on Juvenile Justice Services, please call 505-841-6540.

NM State Land Office logoCYFD Juvenile Justice Services is a beneficiary of the state trust. There are twenty-two beneficiaries of the state trust that include public schools, universities and hospitals. Stephanie Garcia Richard, Commissioner of Public Lands is an elected state official responsible for administering the state’s land grant trust. Thirteen million acres of land were granted to New Mexico in 1898 and 1910. Each tract is held in trust for the public schools, universities, as well as special schools and hospitals that serve children with physical, visual, and auditory disabilities. The State Land Office strives to maintain a balanced approach in its administration of these lands, maximizing returns to the trust’s beneficiaries while preserving the lands- and the plants and animals that inhabit them- for future generations of New Mexicans. In fiscal year 2010, the trust lands and permanent funds produced more than $420 million in income for the beneficiaries. “When we take care of our land, our land takes care of us!” Click on the link to learn more about the New Mexico State Land Office www.nmstatelands.org.