New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) Rules

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NMAC Rules are a special category of law written by state agencies to support, clarify, or implement specific statutes. Rules are not department policy. All rules are filed in accordance with the State Rules Act and are published by the State Records Center and Archives and are posted on their website: NMAC Rules specific to CYFD are in Title 7, chapters 8 and 20, and Title 8, chapters 8, 10, 14-18, and 26.

Title 7 Health

Chapter 8 Residential Health Facilities

7.8.3 Regulations Governing Residential Shelter Care Facilities for Children

Chapter 20 Mental Health

7.20.11 Certification Requirements For Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
7.20.12 Licensing Requirements for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facilities

Title 8 Social Services

Chapter 8 Protective Services General Policies

8.8.2 Protective Services General Policies
8.8.3 Governing Background Checks and Employment History Verification
8.8.4 Administrative Appeals
8.8.5 Privacy Office
8.8.7 Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offender Treatment or Intervention Programs

Chapter 10 Child Protective Services

8.10.2 Protective Services Intake
8.10.3 Protective Services Investigation
8.10.6 In-Home Services
8.10.7 Protective Services Legal
8.10.8 Permanency Planning
8.10.9 Youth Services

Chapter 14 Juvenile Justice

8.14.1 Juvenile Justice General Provisions
8.14.2 Probation and Aftercare Services
8.14.3 Facility Client Education
8.14.4 Facility Medical and Behavioral Health Services
8.14.5 Safety and Emergency Operations
8.14.7 Supervised Release and Discharge
8.14.10 Transition Services
8.14.13 Juvenile Continuum Grant Fund
8.14.14 New Mexico Juvenile Detention Standards
8.14.15 New Mexico Juvenile Detention Requirements
8.14.16 Human Resources and Training Plan
8.14.17 Information Management
8.14.18 Physical Plant Management
8.14.20 Client Rights and Services
8.14.21 Classification and Programs
8.14.22 Sealing Client Records
8.14.23 Confidentiality of Client Records

Chapter 15 Child Care Assistance

8.15.2 Requirements for Child Care Assistance Programs for Clients and Child Care Providers

Chapter 16 Child Care Licensing

8.16.2 Child Care Centers, Out of School Time Programs, Family Child Care Homes, and Other Early Care and Education Programs
8.16.3 Requirements Governing the Child Care Facility Loan Act

Chapter 17 Non-Licensed Child Care

8.17.2 Requirements Governing Registration of Non-Licensed Family Child Care Homes

Chapter 18 Pre-Kindergarten Programs

8.18.2 Uniform Standards

Chapter 26 Foster Care and Adoption

8.26.2 Placement Services
8.26.3 Adoption Act Regulations
8.26.4 Licensing Requirements for Foster and Adoptive Homes
8.26.5 Child Placement Agency Licensing Standards
8.26.6 Community Home Licensing Standards