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The Special Programs Unit falls within CYFD’s Juvenile Justice Services, as part of Field Services.

The Unit is tasked with staffing New Mexico’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, administering special initiatives, monitoring compliance to federal and state juvenile justice and delinquency prevention requirements, and managing funding for community programs.

The Special Programs Unit strives, through its special initiatives, compliance efforts and community funding, to identify and support data-informed, evidence-based programs and promising approaches that demonstrate positive impact on the lives of New Mexico’s at-risk and system-involved youth. The Unit is organized into the following areas of responsibility:

Racial & Ethnic Disparities

Plan and implement strategies to address racial and ethnic disparities among youth who come into contact with the juvenile justice system, to assure equal treatment for all of the State’s youth.

Compliance Monitoring

Enhance/maintain adequate monitoring of state detention centers to state detention standards, and jails, detention facilities, and other facilities to assure compliance with federal JJDP Act requirements.

System Improvement Initiative

Help jurisdictions establish more effective and efficient systems, so youth involved in the juvenile justice system will have opportunities to develop into healthy adults.

Grants Management Unit

Oversee four juvenile justice and delinquency prevention grant programs:

  • One-on-One and Group Mentoring funding;
  • Juvenile Continuum funding;
  • Juvenile Community Corrections funding; and
  • Federal Title II Formula Grant funding.

Also staffs New Mexico’s State Advisory Group/JJAC.

Special Programs Staff

Name Phone Number Email
Special Programs Manager
Grant Management Unit Manager
Grants Manager
Grants Manager
Louis Pacias
Grants Manager
(505) 660-3405 Louis.Pacias@cyfd.nm.gov
Patti Vowell
System Improvement Coordinator
(505) 231-3489 patti.vowell@cyfd.nm.gov
Bianca Padilla
Juvenile Justice Specialist
(505) 365-3645 Bianca.Padilla@cyfd.nm.gov
Samantha Armendariz
Compliance Coordinator
(505) 490-1067 Samantha.Armendariz@cyfd.nm.gov
Jessica Reno
Operations Research Analyst
(505) 470-7121 JessicaR.Reno@cyfd.nm.gov
Operations Research Analyst
Melissa Gomez
Administrative Assistant
(505) 525-6089 MelissaG.Gomez@cyfd.nm.gov

The Unit has a Three-Year Strategic Plan setting its priorities and guiding its efforts. See also the unit’s Strategic Plan Databook.

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