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Learn more about the advantages of adopting a teen from foster care!

Why Consider Adopting a New Mexico Foster Teen?

“Some people were like, ‘You’re 16. You’re going to go off on your own in a couple of years anyway, why do you want a family?’ It was about my entire life, not just about my childhood. I wanted to know that I’m going to have a place to come home to for holidays. I wanted to know that I would have a dad to walk me down the aisle, and that I would have grandparents for my children,” said Mary, a former foster youth who aged out of the foster care system without being adopted.

“You are never too old to be adopted,” said one young woman during an interview for a recently completed study on successful adolescent adoptions. “It’s the most important thing that happened to me,” said another adoptee. “I got a family and found love. I have everything one hopes for. I fit in a family.”

Dozens of New Mexico teens still have their hearts open to the hope of finding their own “forever family”. A glance at the CYFD Heart Gallery pages will reveal a broad spectrum of them, from boys interested in sports and music, to girls who hope to become teachers or designers. Without the love and support of an adoptive family, these terrific teens have a much lower chance of reaching their goals, and of growing up to be happy, productive adults.

We hope you will take the time to read about the support available to families who adopt New Mexico teens from foster care, as well as some stories and facts about what it means to adopt a foster teen. While it is important to have this information about financial and other support that is available to adoptive parents of teens, the intangible benefits of offering a teen a sense of belonging and the healing that goes with it are incalculable.