Juvenile Continuum Grant Funds Program

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New Mexico’s juvenile delinquency prevention service spectrum is delivered through a Continuum Site Model that includes 24 municipality/county Continuums, serving 26 counties throughout the State. Continuums are guided by local juvenile justice boards, whose membership must include representatives of unit of local or tribal government, children’s court, district attorney, public defender, local (municipal, county, tribal) law enforcement, and public school district. Supported by state Juvenile Continuum Grant Funds and federal Title II Formula Grant funds, Continuums apply for funding annually to support locally-defined, evidence based programs and services.

The target population is juveniles referred to juvenile probation or are at risk of such referral. Services are provided by Continuum service providers in five funding priority areas: delinquency prevention, alternatives to detention, graduated and appropriate sanctions, diversion and restorative justice services, and gender-specific services.

There are currently 20 CYFD-funded local continuums providing services by 68 service providers in 22 counties throughout the state, supported by a budget of approximately $2.9 million in 2022.

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