Mission Statement/Principles

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A New Mexico where all children, youth and families are healthy, safe, thriving and strengthened by their culture & community

Our Mission

  • Nurture the strength and resilience of families
  • Partner with children, families and communities based in trust and transparency
  • Serve by listening and learn from our diverse cultures to keep children, youth and families healthy, safe and thriving

Goal1: Use a framework of accountability and best practice across CYFD built on engagement, equity, empowerment, safety, and prevention. Strategies are centered on individual needs designed to increase transparency and build trust.

1.1 Design, implement, and ensure fidelity to a diverse array of programs and models using a framework that is strengths-based, trauma-informed, culturally responsive and proven effective to ensure children and families are healthy, safe, and thriving

1.2 Ensure consistency across divisions with best-practice approaches including Trauma-Responsive Care, Strengths-Based, High-Fidelity Wrap-Around, other supported services.

1.3 Create a culture of community services and supports intended to strengthen families and promote the safety and well-being of children in their own homes building on existing system of care. (Prevention)

1.4 Infuse cultural competence, humility, responsiveness into all work

1.5 Create a culture of safety and support for all families that leads to improved decision-making and outcomes through all interactions

Goal 2: Ensure a supported, qualified and engaged workforce who believe in and practice our shared values to support our children, families and communities

2.1 Create a culture of support and accountability grounded in shared values through recruitment, retention, training, adequate staffing levels, and promotion of wellness.

2.2 Enhance supervisory/staff competencies for integrated practice, internal and external collaboration, use of data to optimize operations and quality, and skills to promote staff respect and resilience

2.3 Improve data collection, data quality, business processes through training and cross-divisional training for integrated case practice

2.4 Optimize recruitment and retention opportunities for all staff particularly frontline staff

Goal 3: Decision making, planning and implementation is data-informed, evidence-based, transparent, sustainable and aligned to CYFD’s mission and values

3.1 Strengthen internal processes by analyzing agency operations, identifying areas for more efficient and effective practices and using data-driven processes to support the assessment, operations, and evolution of a diverse array of services

3.2 Build a data-informed practice that is supported by continuous quality improvement and modernized information technology systems and tools

3.3 Create and implement a shared vision, common values, and strategic management process to inform and guide CYFD.