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Our Mission

To respond to the urgent need in New Mexico to improve the lives of vulnerable children by breaking down barriers to access, accountability, positive system reform, and community networking


Every child in New Mexico realizes their rights and achieves their potential.

About Us

Launched in 2021, the Office of Children’s Rights offers children and youth in foster care services and support, including:

Youth Grievances:

Consultation on cases,

Process for violations of the Foster Child and Youth Bill of Rights

Immigrant Rights:

Consultation on cases,

Referrals to immigration legal service providers,

Collaboration with foreign country consulates, and

Assistance with language access

Education Rights & Advocacy:

Consultation on cases,

Support with schools, and

Collaboration with school staff, school stability, and special education rights

Disability Rights:

Consultation on cases,

Public benefits advocacy, and

Assistance with accommodations

The Office of Children’s Rights also promotes the rights of children and families in New Mexico by supporting social justice advocacy through inclusion, equity, LGBTQ rights, access to reproductive health services trauma-responsive behavioral health services, and a family-centered approach by identifying innovative transformative approaches to child welfare reform.

New Mexico Foster Child & Youth Bill of Rights

The Foster Child and Youth Bill of Rights have 29 rights that were created to protect child and youth in foster care.

How to file a complaint

If you can identify a right that is violated – please let us know! We will help you review your rights.

Want to Learn More?

We provide free trainings about the CYFD Bill of Rights and other topics!

Please contact us at 505-228-6797 or email us at

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