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2023 CYFD Virtual
Resource Family Conference

Online Every Thursday in April (6, 13, 20 and 27)
From 6 – 7:30 p.m.
The 2023 Resource Family Conference Virtual Webinar Series provides education, online networking, and skill building for prospective, current, and former Resource and Adoptive Parents, Relatives, Fictive Kin, and Guardians in New Mexico. This is an online only event.

Click below to begin your event registration. The 2023 CYFD Virtual Resource Family Conference is using Whova as our online event platform. You will need to register for this event through Whova to have access to our sessions and online content.

2020 Resource Family Conference (Virtual Webinar Series)

The Relationship between Challenging Behaviors and Childhood Trauma: New Hope and Perspectives from Relational Brain Science
presented by Mona Delahooke, PhD

• View a PDF of Dr. Delahooke’s presentation
 Watch this presentation with Spanish captions

During this session, attendees will learn to understand the role of toxic stress and trauma on emotional and behavioral control, as well as be able to describe the difference between a neurodevelopmental and behavioral approach to behavioral challenges, plus understand that caregivers, providers, and teachers can integrate a basic understanding of the “therapeutic use of self’ when working with vulnerable children, regardless of their diagnosis.

This keynote session is followed by a panel discussion featuring Dr. Delahooke; Betsy Hoxworth, TBRI Practitioner/Trainer & Foster Parent; Antonio Lopez, Clinical Trainer/LMSW, Western Sky Community Care; and Karie Griego, LBSW, CYFD.

What I Wish I Knew Then: Understanding the Brain Behavior Connection
presented by Barb Clark

• View a PDF of Ms. Clark’s presentation
 Watch this presentation with Spanish captions

So many people go into fostering and adopting with rose colored glasses on, thinking love, structure and consistency will be enough.  While all three of those are important to the success of our children, it is also vital that parents and caregivers understand the impact in-utero trauma, and out-of-utero trauma, can have on the developing brain of a child.

This keynote session is followed by a panel discussion featuring Barb Clark; Kellie Sahm, Foster Parent; Donna Lucero, MA, LPCC Training Institute Director, All Faiths Child Advocacy Center; and Anthony Beltran, LBSW, CYFD.

Community of Care
presented by Corrine Sanchez, PhD, TEWA Women United

• View a PDF of Dr. Sanchez’s presentation
 Watch this presentation with Spanish captions

This presentation is designed to move attendees beyond ideas of self-soothing, and dive deeper into what it means to be part of a supportive network of like minded people.

The Joy of Fostering Youth
presented by Denise Goodman & Michael Sanders

• View a PDF of Denise and Michael’s presentation
 Watch this presentation with Spanish captions

Denise Goodman and Michel Sanders will present the Joy of Fostering Youth. Through sharing some of their experiences of parenting successes and fails, they’ll lead us to examine attitudes toward adolescent behavior and ways to build long connections with foster youth. The keynote will be followed by local experts to discuss the Fostering Connections program, and ways that those in New Mexico can help youth transition into independent adulthood.

To request a Certificate of Attendance for any of the above sessions, please complete this online Google form: Certificates will be e-mailed to you within 30 days of completion of the form, and the form may be completed multiple times for multiple sessions.

Constellation Consulting, LLC is the event manager for this event. For more information, please contact Suzanne Lawson at or voice/text 505-250-0689.